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Founded in 2013, CCIAI is a cross-platform cross-industry consulting and service company that integrates enterprise Internet transformation and upgrading, big data application, and enterprise core capability assessment/enhancement. There are a number of branches including the giant lizard data, Xiyi enterprises and Xiyi Consulting in Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Kunshan, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and other places. CCIAI's service customers include Haier, Fangtai, Gome, Baodao Glasses, Sany Heavy Industry, SINOMACH Seiko, Shuanghui, Angel Water, China Federation of Literary and Art Publishing House, Wanda, Hongyue City, Huading Group, Di Sanna, Xtep, etc. Among the top 500 and industry leaders and large state-owned enterprises, helping them to realize the transformation and upgrading of enterprise information reengineering and the cultivation and promotion of core competence of enterprises in the era of big data in the Internet, and accumulated a lot of practical experience in enterprise management and Internet and big data applications. CCIAI (, the platform of the company's main evaluation system, provides enterprises with a core competency assessment and solution for all-process low-cost in the era of Internet big data,and it is committed to becoming China's leading enterprise core competence assessment analysis and improvement software cloud service provider.The platform is the only comprehensive core competence assessment software in China that covers 15 major segments of strategic innovation, marketing, sales channels, product lifecycle management, supply delivery, leadership capital, organizational capital, human capital, and closed loop of corporate operations. The platform uses the SaaS (Software as a Service) model to help Chinese companies understand their core competencies and improve and enhance their core competencies.

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Individuals or organizations that can collaborate on testing, training, consulting or application projects within the scope of CCIAI business
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Partners with CCIAI platform products pre-sale, sales and service capabilities to deliver products to end users
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All-round Meeting the Demand of Enterprise Talent Assessment and Development
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In order to match resources intelligently for both sides of the demand, the enterprise management problem can be solved efficiently at any time.
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