Global cooperation and technological innovation: strengthening the
2020-12-22 12:34

  China's first China forenoon summit of China novel coronavirus pneumonia summit was held at 9 a.m. on December 20th, the third global manufacturing and industrialization Summit (GMIS), which launched the GMIS summit online meeting of the summit organizing committee jointly organized by the China Federation of industrial economy. Haier, Shanghai Zhenhua heavy industry and Yuanda, three representative manufacturing enterprises in China, who have been deeply involved in internationalization for many years, share their experience in operation and development under the epidemic situation, and jointly provide suggestions for China manufacturing to cope with the challenge of global industrial chain reconstruction.

  Novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak in early 2020 brought strong impact to China's manufacturing industry. In the face of many difficulties, Chinese manufacturing enterprises have quickly adjusted their business strategies with the help of the new generation of information technology, and started various emergency innovation mechanisms to turn challenges into opportunities. They have played an important role in ensuring the stability of China's market supply and the recovery and stable development of global industrial chain and supply chain. Liu Qizhong, vice president of Shanghai Zhenhua heavy industry (Group) Co., Ltd., Xie Haiqin, deputy general manager of Haier CAOS IOT Ecological Technology Co., Ltd., Zhang Xianming, general manager and executive director of Yuanda Group, spoke to the global manufacturing industry at the meeting. Zhao Xiaolei, director of investment and technology promotion Office of United Nations Industrial Development Organization (Shanghai, China), presided over the meeting.

Participants of China Symposium

   "Rapid response" is the common experience of the three enterprises in successfully coping with the epidemic situation. After the outbreak of the epidemic, Shanghai Zhenhua heavy industry group quickly started to plan the safety work plan for all posts after the Spring Festival, and formulated very strict measures to ensure the safety of employees' working environment. Haier Group established the epidemic prevention headquarters at the early stage of the epidemic. It conducted a comprehensive investigation on the conditions needed for the resumption of work and production in the later stage from the perspective of human, machine, material, law and environment, and formed a very detailed standard. With the help of the group's good digital foundation, especially the CAOS cosmoplat industrial Internet platform, Haier group realized the breakthrough and innovation of operation and production, and quickly resolved the outbreak of the epidemic The problems of industrial chain operation. Haier achieved a return to work rate of more than 90% in just three weeks at 122 manufacturing sites around the world. Yuanda science and technology group, which has been committed to original innovation, gathered its R & D personnel for the first time during the Spring Festival to develop new products through remote connection to meet the needs of the epidemic.

   To a certain extent, the epidemic situation forces enterprises to explore new operation mode of traditional business or accelerate their own product R & D and innovation process, and the new generation of information technology has become an efficient catalyst for enterprises to promote these innovations. During the peak period of the epidemic from March to may, Zhenhua's production and operation, especially for a series of complicated procedures requiring manual guidance, such as foreign inspection, delivery and installation, are facing some challenges. With the help of cameras and real-time remote guidance from experts, the company successfully completed the tasks of unloading, handing over and debugging large-scale equipment, overcoming obstacles in innovative ways and enhancing its internationalization Business resilience in extreme conditions. During the epidemic period, based on the industrial Internet platform of cosmoplat, Haier's R & D personnel completed the preliminary construction of an online system that could support external enterprises, universities and government departments in epidemic prevention and production demand docking in two or three days. Xie Haiqin, deputy general manager, pointed out in the discussion that the Casco cosmoplat platform plays an accurate and efficient matching and docking function, mobilizes platform resources, opens up the upstream and downstream industrial chain, solves the imbalance between supply and demand of enterprises on the platform during the epidemic period, and helps them to quickly resume work, increase production or change production according to the needs of enterprises.

Xie Haiqin, deputy general manager of Haier CAOS IOT Ecological Technology Co., Ltd

    During the discussion, Zhang Xianming, general manager of Yuanda Xinjian, focused on sharing the two latest products developed by the group in response to the global epidemic prevention demand, namely, the medical ozone disinfection chamber based on the group's traditional air purification products, and the modular hospital products based on the modular construction technology of its stainless steel core plate. Relying on its modular technology, the group has undertaken China's first long-distance anti epidemic construction project to South Korea, and quickly delivered 524 negative pressure isolation wards, which broke through the barriers of construction difficulties during the epidemic period, and met the urgent needs of anti epidemic with one to two-day construction period, reflecting the speed and quality of manufacturing in China. In addition to South Korea, Yuanda also actively provides a complete set of anti epidemic equipment to Italy, Iran and other countries with severe epidemic situation.

   In view of the hot topic of "de Sinicization" of global industrial chain in western countries, and the appeal of many governments for the return of manufacturing industry and localization of industrial chain supply chain, the leaders of the three enterprises have expressed their opinions. Vice president Liu Qizhong pointed out that the current international division of labor is the most economic and efficient pattern formed through long-term market competition. Although it may be possible for western countries to enforce the "de Sinicization" of some value chains, they must withstand the pressure and test of time and capital cost. For large equipment industries such as port machinery, the upstream and downstream industrial chain of products is very long. He firmly believes that globalization and international division of labor will still be the mainstream.

   Zhang Xianming, general manager of Yuanda energy-saving air-conditioning products, shared his personal experience of the current trend of "de China" in the international market from the unfair treatment cases encountered by Yuanda energy-saving air-conditioning products in the U.S. market. He believes that on the one hand, we should call on governments of all countries to be more fair and rational through various channels; on the other hand, we should enhance our own technical strength, strengthen international industrial project cooperation based on technological advantages, and promote exports through the supply of supporting products of projects, rather than emphasizing the export of pure products. In addition, we can strengthen cooperation with international brand companies, further integrate with the world supply chain, enhance the "international elements" in China's manufacturing, and improve the international market's acceptance of Chinese products while creating a win-win global industrial ecology.

Zhang Xianming, general manager and executive director of Yuanda Group

    As one of the earliest enterprises in China to carry out global development layout, Haier has formed a localized operation mode in many factories around the world, which makes the group relatively limited to be impacted by the trend of "de Sinicization" of the industrial chain. Through cooperation in technology and management, Haier helps the companies or factories in the host country develop healthily with Chinese experience, establishes word-of-mouth with real development cases, and creates brand recognition for made in China by industries in various countries. Take the United States GEA appliance, which integrates R & D, production, sales and operation, acquired by Haier in 2016, as an example. Because of following Haier's overall group anti epidemic command requirements, GEA still achieved a very rare double-digit growth in such a serious environment in the United States. Xie Haiqin, deputy general manager, believes that global cooperation and integration is still a major trend.

   When asked how Chinese enterprises would lay out their future development in the face of the global industrial chain and Supply Chain Restructuring trend after the epidemic and the great pressure of the global economic recession, the three speakers gave their own suggestions.

   Vice president Liu Qizhong pointed out that Zhenhua heavy industry has always adhered to the concept of innovation leading the future. In the post epidemic era, enterprises must pay attention to R & D innovation and improve their international competitiveness. At present, Zhenhua heavy industry is promoting the transformation of intelligence and automation, committed to the development of automation, unmanned to intelligent, and finally achieve personalized application. Xie Haiqin, deputy general manager of helcaos, stressed that the industrial Internet platform should play a strong supporting role in stabilizing the double chain, extending chain and supplementing chain, encourage more enterprises to carry out digital transformation, improve the market response speed and the ability of self iterative renewal, and realize the goal of mutual integration, mutual promotion and common development among enterprises through multilateral interaction.

Speech by Liu Qizhong, vice president of Shanghai Zhenhua heavy industry (Group) Co., Ltd

   Zhang Xianming, general manager of Yuanda Group, said that the next step for Chinese industry is to build and enhance the international influence of brands, and the "story" carried by brands is the most penetrating. The current global industrial restructuring and restructuring is to eliminate a number of enterprises with heavy pollution and heavy energy consumption, while those with brands, stories and humanistic care such as Yuanda, Zhenhua and Haier are emerging. Chinese enterprises should use the extensive propaganda channels at home and abroad to tell the stories about life, environmental protection and green development of our industrial brands, enhance the international influence of Chinese brands, win more international market shares, realize fair competition and win jointly. 

   Participants agreed that in the face of the vulnerability and deficiency of global industrial chain and supply chain exposed by the epidemic, enterprises may adjust their structure in international industrial cooperation in the future, but the theme of continuously promoting innovation and strengthening global cooperation with the help of new generation information technology will not change, and win-win cooperation is the goal and outlet of global manufacturing enterprises.

   The China theme seminar was launched and broadcast by GMIS Summit on December 15 through global channels. The business strategies and practical experience of Chinese enterprises during the epidemic period and the post epidemic development strategy put forward by Chinese enterprises have brought effective successful examples to the world in the extraordinary period, and also injected the global industry with confidence in the recovery of the world economy after the epidemic. The workshop was organized by the office of investment and technology promotion of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (Shanghai, China) as the special partner of the event.


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