"Yueyang hydrogen energy city construction and hydrogen energy industry development plan and implementation plan" investigation team visited Yueyang
2020-08-17 12:59

From August 8 to 10, 2020, in order to prepare the plan and implementation plan of Yueyang hydrogen energy city construction and hydrogen industry development, China Federation of trade and economics organized an expert group and hydrogen energy related enterprises to carry out on-the-spot investigation and investigation in Yueyang City, Hunan Province, in order to deeply understand the economic and social development of Yueyang City and the development of hydrogen energy industry, and discuss and discuss. Leaders of Yueyang Municipal government attached great importance to the investigation. Leaders such as Wang yiou, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, Li Aiwu, mayor, Qiu Hong, deputy mayor, and other leaders exchanged views with the research group.

On August 8, accompanied by Wang Sixin, executive vice minister of the United Front Work Department of the municipal Party committee, the research group visited Yueyang Planning Museum and related hydrogen industry enterprises such as Leibo electric (Yueyang) Co., Ltd., Hunan Aerospace Yuanwang science and Technology Co., Ltd., Zhongke electric, Hunan kemida electric, etc. at the same time, the investigation group also investigated the traffic, urban construction and cultural tourism of Yueyang City, and the location of Yueyang City in the middle of Yueyang City South Lake New Area in the south of Xincheng District.


On August 9, the investigation team conducted a field investigation on the main oil upgrading and transformation projects during the 11th Five Year Plan period, "Changling Refining and chemical" and "Baling Petrochemical coal to hydrogen", and also visited Chenglingji port bulk cargo operation area, Chenglingji port container operation area, Yueyang green chemical industry park and Chenglingji planning hall. On the evening of the 9th, experts from the research group held an internal special meeting.


On the morning of August 10, the research group held a forum with the leaders of the Yueyang Municipal government committees and bureaus, park leaders, and enterprise leaders of hydrogen energy related industries. The meeting was presided over by Li Zuojun, leader of the hydrogen energy planning writing group of the China Federation of industry and economics and deputy director of the Institute of resources and environmental policy of the development research center of the State Council. At the symposium, the experts of the research group conducted face-to-face exchanges with representatives of Chenglingji new port area, municipal development and Reform Commission, Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology, bureau of natural resources and planning, bureau of statistics and other departments and some enterprise representatives, focusing on the industrial structure, supply situation, spatial development layout, technology research and development, etc.


In his speech, group leader Li Zuojun said that in order to build Yueyang into a hydrogen energy city and develop hydrogen energy industry, it is necessary to find out the correct orientation, clarify key industries and projects, and create three systems: first, endogenous power system; second, factor support system; third, production, supply and marketing chain system. Yueyang has obvious advantages and broad prospects for developing hydrogen energy industry. It is hoped that relevant departments will actively cooperate, further provide detailed information and data, and put forward constructive opinions and suggestions. The expert group will fully absorb, summarize and sort out, and integrate them into the research report, so as to further improve the development plan and implementation scheme of hydrogen energy industry.

More than ten experts from the research group raised relevant questions on the specific content of Yueyang hydrogen energy city construction and hydrogen energy industry development planning, and the leaders of Yueyang Municipal government, all committees and bureaus and relevant enterprise leaders made relative responses to the problems.

Wang Yunchao, assistant director of the economic league Department of the China Federation of trade and economics and chairman of the China Industrial Economic cloud data (Beijing) Co., Ltd., said that after the investigation, he would summarize and sort out the data as soon as possible, speed up the progress, make a good plan, and help Yueyang develop the hydrogen industry rapidly.

Vice Mayor Qiu Hong made a concluding speech, saying that hydrogen energy is recognized as a clean energy and has positive significance for air pollution control, industrial structure adjustment and high-quality development. She said that the experts' opinions have broadened the path for Yueyang to promote the construction of hydrogen city and the development of hydrogen industry. She hoped that the planning and implementation plan would be implemented as soon as possible, and more large enterprises and good projects would be signed and settled to boost the construction of Yueyang hydrogen energy city and the development of hydrogen industry.


At the invitation of the research group, Xinyan Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Sichuan Yalian High Tech Co., Ltd., Xiamen Golden Tourism Hunan branch and other related upstream and downstream enterprises of hydrogen energy, as well as responsible persons of China Federation of industry and economics affiliated companies, China Federation of industry and economics Investment Co., Ltd., and China Federation of industry and economics Xinxing consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd., attended the inspection and project docking exchange.

Members of the research group also participated in the survey, including Gao Jianping, general manager of CAMCE cloud data (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Yu Changhong, Assistant Secretary General of hydrogen energy platform of China Federation of trade and economics, Wei Yun, President of Beijing urban and rural innovation and development Doctoral Research Association, and Zhou Jianqi, director of Enterprise Research Office of development research center of the State Council.