Website Announcement
2020-02-24 01:08

Dear users and friends,


"One belt, one road" cloud platform BRlinking ( is a "global trustworthy project cooperation platform" created by China Federation of Industrial Economics (CFIE). The platform is responsible for linking and integrating member of the Belt & Road Industrial and Commercial Alliance (BRICA) and the multinational business associations, companies, think tank experts, industrial parks and third-party service cooperation resources.


In order to contribute to “one Belt, one Road” initiative and for better promotion of the BRlinking platform, the platform has been revised and upgraded with new logo. The revised website will be upgraded and optimized in terms of overall style, content presentation and function settings, technical security and website management mechanism will be further enhanced.


The meaning of the new platform’s logo is:

1.    The circle represents "global", the six dots on the circle are connected in pairs, representing the core function of six "find each other" provided by the platform;

2.    Use the line segments to spell out the 9 deformed letters of BRLINKING, and draw them in different colors. That represents various types of projects and information around the world gathered on the platform;

3.    The deformed letters have different sizes, different colors, random positions, and even reverse "K", which means freedom and convenience, but there are also clear lines to connect with each other, which means "traceable", which guarantees "trustworthiness". It shows that the positioning and concept of platform is "a global trustworthy project cooperation platform".


The BRlinkling platform has been supported by users and friends since it was launched. We hope that the revised website will provide more practical information and better services to our customers. If you have any comments and suggestions during the use, you are welcome to give us feedback. Contact email: WeChat: brlinking global business service group (please see QR code below)

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