CFIE visited Russia and Israel series five: china-israel trade association works together to promote the high-quality development of Israeli innovative technologies and Chinese enterprises
2019-07-25 18:19

        On July 15, "china-israel innovation cooperation BBS" was held in tel aviv stock exchange, Israel. Nearly 150 entrepreneurs from China and Israel attended the event.BBS is co-sponsored by the China federation of industry and economics and the federation of Israeli Chambers of commerce, with the cooperation of the national innovation agency of Israel, the manufacturers' association of Israel and the Asian chamber of commerce of Israel.Xiong meng, executive vice President and secretary general of China federation of industry and economics, led a delegation to attend BBB 0 and delivered the opening speech.Amir Shani, vice-president of the federation of Israeli Chambers of commerce, zhang xingfu, business counsellor of the Chinese embassy in Israel, and Matan Vilnai, former Israeli ambassador to China and President of Israel Asian chamber of commerce, attended BBS and spoke.Ilan Maor, former Israeli diplomat, executive director of SHENG-BDO and vice President of Israel - China chamber of commerce, delivered a keynote speech on Israel's high-tech and innovative economy.