Dear Sir/Madam


        Welcome to BRlinking, a trusted global project cooperation platform, a platform where you can connect more than 2.3 million enterprises around the world.


        Here, you can get access to the platform by registering. In the "Project" module, you can send out the product and project demand information of your enterprise, or you can find the product and project information you are interested in in in this module, which is an online intelligent docking module. In the "Roadshow" module, you can show your company's products to global entrepreneurs live or recommend your enterprise's projects. This function requires you to contact the platform staff to help you plan together. In the "Office" module, you can open a virtual office through the BRlinking platform. We provide company registration, market consultation, product planning and other services. This service also requires you to connect with the customer service personnel of our platform. This function will reduce the cost of your market in the previous period. In the "Zone" module, you can show your products to global entrepreneurs in 3D and VR mode, or show your production line, your factory and your company's history and culture to global entrepreneurs in video and 3D mode.


        In a word, the original intention of BRlinking is to help you connect with international resources, find partners, and finally reach cooperation. We would like to receive your feedback. If you have any need, please contact us at, thank you very much!