Dear Sir/Madam

        BRlinking -- a trustworthy global project cooperation platform, is established by China Federation of Industrial Economics, focusing on international project cooperation. 

        With the strong bonds with the Belt and Road Industrial and Commercial Alliance (BRICA), BRlinking closely connects over 2.3 million member enterprises of 31 industrial and commercial organizations from 28 countries and regions. Meanwhile, BRlinking connects the CFIE network, which consists of 218 national industrial associations and 25 CFIE branches in provincial and prefectural levels, and the CFIE membership network. By now, BRlinking has signed cooperation agreements respectively with the Economic Development Bureau of Brandenburg State of Germany and relevant organizations of Sri Lanka.  

     Taking project cooperation as the core, BRlinking strives to find experts, funds, intermediary service institutions, talents, industrial parks and other necessary information for projects, offering these six main factors of project cooperation. The platform adopts big data and artificial intelligence technology to realize intelligent and accurate matching between projects and various resources. Joining BRlinkinng, you will seize opportunities around the world, connect to massive amount of data, precisely match projects with resources and enjoy free platform services.

         The core objectives of BRlinking are to integrate resources, provide online and offline services, and assist enterprises in fulfilling project cooperation, striving to build a new intelligent business ecosystem of "Belt and Road" international cooperation.

        As an open, co-building and sharing platform, BRlinking will consistently promote the development of more convenient and more reliable international cooperation.